Absent landlords lack of maintenance infuriates residents

MAINTENANCE NEEDED: One site a Richmond resident called the site "an abomination" and wants absent landlords who don't live in Christchurch to take responsibility for maintaining their sites.

Richmond residents are taking matters into their own hands as they say landlords who live out of the city are not maintaining their properties.

A meeting was organised between community members and business owners recently to discuss issues including overgrown gardens, properties not being maintained, litter and the general upkeep of the suburb.

Richmond resident and business owner Hayley Guglietta is planning a wide-scale clean-up of the area and is hoping local businesses will help with donations.

Mrs Guglietta is unhappy that some landlords were not looking after their properties, she said.

“They should be made to take responsibility for the maintenance of their sites.”

“I live and work in the area, I’ve invested in the area and it’s frustrating to see absent landlords not realising how leaving their sites impacts on everyone else.” Central Ward city councillor Deon Swiggs attended the community meeting and said there will be a bigger focus on improving the Richmond commercial area.

“It’s a good time to start looking at that (Richmond) village area and have some focus on some of those issues that (the community) have been raising.”

Cr Swiggs is pushing to form a business and landowners’ association for the area.

“One of the things that was quite clear is that there seems to be a potential disconnect with some businesses in the area and talking to the community about their expectations and potentially how they can both work together to improve the village area to get it
up to its potential,” said Cr Swiggs.

He said he has been in contact with the team managing the city council’s Enliven Place Project Fund about getting funding to boost the area.