That’s so 2018!

The Style team does some crystal ball gazing to determine trends that will see you ahead of the game this year.

Interior colours

Say goodbye to green, this year’s Pantone Colour of The Year has been declared Ultra Violet. Described as being a colour associated with experimentation and non-conformity, it’s also the colour du jour for mindfulness and meditation spaces.

Resene is backing this change, predicting a shift away from powdery blues and pastel earth tones to bold and intense colours.

“In general there will still be an earthiness,” says interior designer and colour consultant Debbie Abercrombie, “with moody – not sombre – strong and exotic, and less predictable combinations. Colour will be seen in clever ways – layered, unexpected combinations, uplifting.”

Bright hues are the direction of choice, to encompass themes of all things wanderlust, including bringing a touch of the tropics into the home. In fact, there’s talk of neon and rich gem-like hues on the horizon!

Fitness fads

Korey Gibson has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years and seen his fair share of trends come and go. He told Style what to expect.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) will continue its rapid rise in popularity. It seems the busier we get, the more popular this type of training becomes. The idea is to achieve maximum caloric burn in 30 to 45 minutes through alternating short periods of intense exercise with active recovery periods.

Yoga has always been around and it’s here to stay, but it is changing. It might upset the yoga purists, but yoga will be infused into all workouts (including at cycling studio classes) – think interval training and spin classes with yoga. These workouts will look to incorporate the physical, mental and spiritual strengths of yoga into everyday workouts without sacrificing time for a cardio blast and resistance training.

Group training will continue to soar in popularity as people appreciate the expertise of the instructor as a personal trainer and working out with others. We are social beings after all.

In addition to more accessible wearable technology, expect to see gyms and studios invest in some innovative in-house technology that will be able to personalise workouts and show you your real-time results and achievements.

Calisthenics training (bodyweight only) is sticking around. The term functional gets thrown about, but it’s easier to think of it as ‘the body being strong through every plane and angle of movement’. We should be capable of consistently performing our daily movements and actions better and stronger. Bodyweight training is much more than just pullups and push-ups so ask your gym for ideas.

Charging ahead

You may soon find yourself zipping around in an electric car. Christchurch is already the official electric vehicle (EV) capital of the nation and the Christchurch City Council has initiatives aplenty to encourage wider uptake. So it may be time to order your Tesla Model 3, available internationally from the second half of 2018 (though production on the right-hand drive model doesn’t even start until 2019). If you can’t wait that long, Consumer magazine recently rated the Nissan Leaf as the most reliable car in New Zealand – outperforming 22 brands and 68 other models, the vast majority petrol!

In another NZ first, a 100-strong fleet of car-shared EVs began rolling out here in November. Yoogo provides the service for the Council, Ara Institute, Aurecon, Beca, Canterbury District Health Board, Chapman Tripp, Environment Canterbury, Meridian Energy, Tonkin and Taylor, Warren and Mahoney, Jacobs and Christchurch International Airport. Residents will also be able to book and use the fully electric Hyundai Ioniqs and BMWi3s from March 2018. Book by the minute, hour or day, or keep it overnight at

Where can you borrow an EV? Christchurch Art Gallery car park, the West End car park and Christchurch International Airport are active now. Another seven hubs are on the way to Lichfield Street car park, The Crossing car park, Ara Institute, Canterbury University, Papanui and Fendalton Libraries, and Lyttelton Community Centre.

Where are the charging stations? Sumner, New Brighton, Parklands, the Botanic Gardens, Little River and Akaroa, with more planned for the Lichfield Street car park and QEII Recreation and Sport Centre.

Handbag of 2018

The spring/summer 2018 runways heralded some new bag designs we’ll be swinging Down Under in a few months’ time. Think gigantic (look to Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga), geometric (Paco Rabanne’s cube, Marni’s boxes and Dolce & Gabbana’s circles), patterned (hard to go past Prada or Versace), fringes and tassels (Calvin Klein shook these in a big way), and double-bagging (two bags is de rigeur for Chloe, Fendi and others).

And if those trends take you out of your comfort zone, you’ll be relieved to hear classic white is also right (try Loewe, Tom Ford or Chanel).


Beauty Basics

Tints are just the beginning of the story for lashes and brows. Natural is back, with beauticians everywhere mastering the art of the lash lift to extend your lashes without artificial additions. A lash lift is basically a lash perm – see our friends at Off & On in the city, or The Pamper Bar, in Sumner, to take your lashes up a level.

Brows, well, they’re always in the spotlight these days and the fuller the better. Shape and style will go a long way, so you’re not making a mistake getting a beautician to keep you line.

Last year we saw everything from glitter to fur adorn the fingers, but this year it’s about personalised taste, minimum effort and maximum results. For the ultimate trick, look out for the Nailbot – a machine that will print whatever you desire, via an app, directly onto your nails.