Popular Lincoln rocker to perform live with The Warratahs

COUNTRY ROCKER: Lincoln rocker Dave McKenzie gets into tune before his gig with The Warratahs.

Well-known Lincoln musician Dave McKenzie has been a long-time fan of country band The Warratahs.

In March, he may get to perform live on stage with the band as part of the musical festival Selwyn Sounds.

McKenzie was 17 when he first saw The Warratahs play live at the Gore Guitar Awards in the late 80s.

He was on leave from the Royal New Zealand Air Force visiting his parents in Southland when they decided to travel to watch the band play.

He recalls buying the band’s album soon after hearing them perform live.

“I have got a few of their albums and they are bloody good, really good.

“When I was home on leave The Warratahs were playing at pubs, you couldn’t get in because it was so packed,” he said.

Now, nearly 30 years on, he has an opportunity to play with The Warratahs at Selwyn Sounds (Lincoln Domain, March 3).

A jam session the day before will determine if he steps up on stage with them. He would like to play The Warratahs’ St Peter’s Rendezvous.

The idea to play with The Warratahs stemmed from a few drinks with Selwyn Sounds promoter David Parlane.

Said Mr Parlane: “I said wouldn’t it be great if you could have a little jam session. He said: ‘That would be great,’ so I said, why don’t I ring Barry Saunders ( band’s vocalist/guitarist) right now and ask?”

Saunders said McKenzie could get up on stage and play a song instead,

Tickets for Selwyn Sounds are nearly sold out, Mr Parlane said.

“I believe it will be a complete sellout if things continue how they are.”

McKenzie is a guitarist/vocalist who performs in a duo called SouthField with vocalist Katrina Keenan.

They played at Selwyn Sounds last year.