Police called to burglary, but culprit was not two-legged

A family feared they were in the midst of a potential burglary, when they heard a tapping sound on the front door of their Sydenham home.

Concerned, the police were called to the Seddon St property at about 3.50am – but the source of the noise was not as sinister as first feared.

The family’s dog was outside and wanted to get back in and was tapping on the front door.

The family quickly called police back, who were on-route flashing lights and all, and told them it was their dog.

“They were stood down before they got there as she relayed it was her other dog (she has two) doing the tapping,” a police communications spokeswoman said.

“The dog was not ‘K9d’ (arrested).”

About 5mm of rain fell between 2am and 4am in the city, which could have been one contributing factor to the dog wanting to be inside.

It is unclear what the other dog’s involvement in the incident is.