Luxe living in January

Riding on Water

This year, a new water toy came on the scene, and it’ll have you skimming across the top of the water with ease. The Jetfoiler has hydrofoils that use an electric motor for propulsion. The result? A new form of watersport that doesn’t require wind – or muscles. People of all ages can glide above the water’s surface, using hand-held remote to adjust speed. It makes little to no sound, leaves no wake and there’s even a cruise control option so the rider need do little more than enjoy the ride.

Into The Deep

If getting up close and personal with underwater creatures is the aim, then try a Subwing. Comprised of two wings that can tilt independently of each other, the Subwing is towed behind a boat (2-4 knots) while its rider dives and rolls in the watery depths. The Subwing follows whatever direction you choose to point it in. Both wings down and it dives, turn upwards for the surface, or tilt the wings in opposite directions for a roll. It’s that easy – so they say.

Your Own Patch of Sea 

Make room in the superyacht for a super pool. The fully inflatable custom-made set-up is a netted, safe swimming area that can be as large as 20m long, can be coloured to match your boat décor, and be kitted out with sunbed areas to make this temporary setting top notch. For even more fun, fit it alongside one of Superyacht Tenders and Toys’ yacht slides!

Top Gear

What happens when a luxury car manufacturer decides the ultimate driver accessory is a pair of sunglasses? You get the Bentley Eyewear collection. Handcrafted from solid gold and platinum, titanium, horn and wood, by eyewear company Estede, this is one pair of sunglasses you wouldn’t want to mistakenly leave on the roof of the car. The limited-edition Connoisseurs style, in 18k gold and platinum, is at the top of the range, at approximately USD$45,000. Only 100 sunglasses were made.

Dive, dive… 

What better way to experience the ocean than in a personal submarine. The five-metre long DeepFlight Dragon is battery-powered and can cruise alongside marine animals, or stop above shipwrecks, for up to six hours between charges. Loaded with safety features and new technology, and being environmentally friendly to boot, this Dragon is at home in the ocean.