The intersection where trucks can’t turn without cutting lanes

TRAFFIC TROUBLE: A report commissioned by the residents' association revealed heavy vehicles cannot get around corners at Glandovey and Idris Rds without cutting into other lanes.

New research reveals the controversial Glandovey and Idris Rds intersection is not suitable for heavy vehicles.

The Glandovey, Idris and Straven Residents’ Association commissioned a tracking analysis to look into traffic using the intersection.

The report from traffic engineering company Traffic Design Group showed heavy vehicles could not navigate any turns of the Fendalton intersection without cutting into other lanes.

It comes during a year-long campaign from residents to improve safety at the intersection.

Residents want to see heavy vehicles banned from driving through the area and this report only cements that, group member and Glandovey Rd resident Nigel Francis said.

The report has been sent to the city council. City councillor Raf Manji told the Western News that when council resumed after the Christmas break, it would look into banning heavy vehicles from the area.

Mr Francis said the sooner trucks are banned from the area, the better.

He said the design of the intersection means there is no room for heavy vehicles, cars and cyclists, which makes it dangerous.

“There’s a lot of heavy traffic that jams its way down here, down these narrow streets. It’s dangerous for us and anyone using the roads,” Mr Francis said.

Group spokesman James Wilding said heavy vehicles are common in the area since it was upgraded from lights to a roundabout three years ago.

The report comes following the release of city council safety audits to the group via the Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act in November.

The audit said “death or serious injury” at the intersection of Glandovey and Idris Rds is “likely” once every five to 10 years due to visibility issues between vehicles and pedestrians.

During the campaign to address roading concerns, city council chief executive Karleen Edwards recommended residents not be involved in a workshop to find solutions.

However, the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board went against that decision.


  1. That Intersection is actually one of the better intersections, try turning left onto Detriot Place (Tuners) from west bound on Moorhouse Avenue with a 20m long car transporter……