French couple’s honeymoon marred by 20m plunge down bank

LUCKY: The car could have tumbled another 30m down the bank but was wedge about halfway down. PHOTO: Westpac Rescue Helicopter

A French couple will never forget their honeymoon in New Zealand after managing to walk away from their vehicle after it plunged 20m down a bank on Sunday.

The couple, in their mid-20s, were heading towards the West Coast on State Highway 73, Springfield, at about 1pm when the car left the road.

Another motorist saw the incident and reported it.

“They are so lucky they walked away with only minor back and seat belt injuries,” a Westpac Rescue Helicopter intensive care paramedic said.

“Also, they were lucky someone saw them go off the road as there were no visible signs there had been a crash.”

The car was wedged down the bank which was fortunate as it could have tumbled a lot further, the paramedic said.

They were airlifted to Christchurch Hospital as a precaution and were shaken up about the ordeal, he said.

The Springfield, Kirwee and Sheffield volunteer fire brigades attended the scene with police.

Chief fire officer Grant Williams said it was amazing they were able to walk away uninjured.