Advancing with technology

Connected kitchen
WiFi is going to change the way you work in the kitchen. There’s the Drop kitchen scales that links with your tablet to automatically adjust full recipes if you find yourself short of one, and fridges that provide full recipe options. You can set the iKettle to boil on command and the Mr Coffee to start brewing via WiFi.

Taking things further, Wifi connectivity ensures you needn’t be chained to the oven when you could instead be preheating, adjusting cooking temperatures or setting timings all through your smartphone. Some, such as the Samsung Gourmet Vapour Technology Electric oven, have pre-set recipes that not only ensure its settings are at optimal levels, but it will guide your cooking step-by-step on an LCD control panel.

Mow no more
If mowing lawns tops the list of outdoor chores you consistently avoid, there is a solution – a robotic lawnmower. Following the same principles as automatic vacuum cleaners, these mowers will quietly go about their business, manicuring your lawn so you don’t have to.

Models by Gardena and Husqvarna do the rounds of your backyard, circumnavigating garden obstacles, and even tackling gradients of up to 25 degrees, discretely and quietly.

Keyless & fancy free
You don’t need keys to enter modern-day cars, so why should you need them for your house? Such gadgets as the August Smart Lock will provide keyless entry that you control through an App. In fact, the only people able to open your doors are those specified by you! Its clever technology also means you can check on your phone as to whether the doors are both closed and locked so you’ll never have to turn the car around for fear you’ve left the front door wide open.

This type of technology has seen Amazon selling a smartlock, which enables purchasers to authorise the entry of courier drivers into their home, to deliver their parcels and avoid either waiting around or that annoying (yet helpful) calling card. This service hasn’t reached our shores yet, and is only available to Amazon’s Prime members, but it could be nothing but a matter of time.