Still hunting for a Xmas tree?

SPREADING CHRISTMAS CHEER: Rolleston and Districts Lions Club members cutting wilding pines at Flock Hill Station.

Residents hoping to brighten their living rooms with a real Christmas tree need look no further than the Rolleston and Districts Lions Club.

The club is selling wilding pines from the high country to spread the festive cheer and raise funds for St John Selwyn Central.

About 125 trees will be cut from the high country with the club hoping to raise $1500 for St John.

Club member and past president Bill Pickering said it is to help spread Christmas joy as well as a way to contribute to a worthy cause.

“They have been doing a relocation and establishing new head quarters which has been a rather big project. They welcome our contribution,” Mr Pickering said.

The club is also engaging with other neighbouring Lions Clubs to raise funds to finance a new ambulance for the St John Selwyn Central hub in Rolleston.

The club has been growing and selling Christmas trees for the last 20 years.

For the past two years the club has been selling wilding pines from Flock Hill Station while they wait for their own stock of trees in Rolleston to be fully grown.

Mr Pickering said quite a bit of work is involved.

He said the club even delivers the odd tree around Rolleston for people who need help or cannot fit them into the boot of their car.

The club gives larger trees to the Te Puna Wai Child Youth and Family facility at Rolleston Prison.

The club regularly works to help raise funds for other organisations in Canterbury.

It donates to charities including the Christchurch City Mission, Christchurch Methodist Mission and The Salvation Army.

Wilding pine Christmas trees will be sold at the Lincoln Christmas Parade this Saturday from 9am to 1pm and at the Rolleston Market Square this Sunday from 10am to 1pm.