Mayor defends $85k funding cut

Lianne Dalziel

Mayor Lianne Dalziel has defended the decision to slash Papanui-Innes Community Board’s funding.

Ms Dalziel wrote a letter to the community board, which explained the city council’s decision to cut the board’s funding from $402,860 for the 2017/18 by about $85,000.

Ms Dalziel said the process which the city council used to allocate the funding was an improvement on the previous process, which had “a lack of clear rationale” and was “ad hoc.”

“While this process worked well for some boards, others received disproportionately less funding,” the letter said.

Ms Dalziel said the new process is based on measurable data, is transparent and less costly to administer. It uses population data as well as the social deprivation index.

But she said although the social deprivation index has its “limitations” it is still the best tool available.

Ms Dalziel wrote that she encouraged the board’s working together across the board boundaries to support organisations.