Getting to know Ellesmere College’s new head girl

BIG PLANS: Ellesmere College's head girl for next year Fylgia Romero plans to focus on equality and diversity in her new role.

What made you decide to apply for head student?

I have a real passion for leading which has arisen from being involved in leadership roles at my youth group outside of school. I was also really inspired by former head student Sam Bright’s speech as he showed that you don’t have to be super popular or academic to be great and a great leader. I am inspired to lead and I believe I am a natural leader and I can’t wait to use this to help younger people in the school.

What are some things you want to implement at Ellesmere College?

I want to put a real focus on equality and diversity and I believe the head student group next year is going to be great at this. I have previously been a part of the well being team and through this I have also gained a passion for promoting anti-bullying and believe that we should also promote equality for all differences not just in race.

What qualities do you think a great leader needs?

They should be passionate, which also branches to determination, patience, hard work and honesty. Also having the drive to help others.

What qualities do you have that will make you a great leader of Ellesmere College?

I am not afraid to cross lines and see the difference between morals and law and the fact that the law is not always right. I intend to look beyond what is right in front of me and work with that as well as passion to be the best leader I can be.

What are some of your hobbies and passions? And how will these help influence your role as a head student?

I am a part of youth group that has given me ample opportunities for public speaking as we travel around to other youth groups. It is important for a leader to speak in front of the public and address important topics. I have a real passion for music and like leadership you have to pour your whole heart into it. I believe you should pour your whole heart into everything that you do.

Where do you see yourself heading in the future?

I have two options. The first is to go to Otago to study medicine and if that doesn’t work out then plan B is to study nursing at Ara Institute of Canterbury. Biology is my favourite subject as I find human life fascinating as well as being able to help people in need.

How do you plan to manage your time with school, head student duties and your other passions?

Time management. Experiences in youth group has helped me to manage my time. I will aim to prioritise my time and what is left to the side I will not just abandon it, I will make sure there is an alternative rather than just leaving it.

With the team that has been put together for next year (head student Iain Wright, deputy head students Pip Prendergast and Matt Riches), what unique quality do you think everyone will bring to the team to make it the best it can be?

Pip has always been very respectful and one word I would describe her as being is genuine. She has always worked really hard and I know she will do so in the head student team as well. Both of the boys, Iain and Matt, work really hard and are determined to do the best they can in their respective roles. Iain is kind and doesn’t follow others and this will be key for being a head student.