Bus takes evasive action after car fails to stop

NARROW ESCAPE: A bus driver was forced to take evasive action to avoid a collision

A bus driver and his passengers had a lucky escape when they had a close shave with a car in Rolleston on Saturday.

The Yellow Line Bus was forced to take evasive action when a car failed to stop at the intersection of Dawsons and Jones Rds, Go Bus South Island operations director Nigel Piper said.

Mr Piper said the bus driver hit the brakes and was unable to avoid colliding with the car.

“He did a very good job too, be honest, in steering clear of the trees,” he said.

The bus had four passengers and the bus driver on board.

Mr Piper said no one on board the bus was injured and he believed the driver of the car walked away injury-free.

Bus Truck Recovery owner Nigel Hope said the bus was extensively damaged at the front with the steering box and panels needing to be repaired.

He said cars will cross over the nearby Main South Rd railway line where there is only about 10m between the railway line and the stop sign.

“They come across the railway line, have a quick look and keep on going,” Mr Hope said.

In 2015, a similar accident happened at the intersection when a concrete truck rolled into a hedge after it was hit by a van load of tourists who failed to stop.

“It is not the first and it won’t be the last,” Mr Hope said.

He said the intersection may need a solar-powered flashing LED warning sign.

But Mr Piper said fortunately these kind of incidents involving buses were uncommon. Police were unable to comment on the incident yesterday.