Success with gadgets and gizmos

APP: Jack Breurkes showing the Burnside High School year 12 physics class through the game that won him a place in the ASB Bright Sparks final.

Three Burnside High School students have made the finals of a national inventing competition.

Felix Backhouse developed a system that uses drones and hyper spectral imaging to monitor bird populations.

He said the idea came when he realised the Department of Conservation and Forest and Bird currently use groups of people to do bird counts and monitor populations.

“Given the quick-moving nature of birds, the fact many are camouflaged and the likelihood of human error, this system can be quite imprecise. My project is aimed at improving the process and making it more reliable,” Felix said.

Vincent Lee’s gadget is an “all-in-one” device that tells you information on the weather, buses, prices for holidays, the status of different appliances and is an alarm.

“There is a lot of stuff on the internet that enables you to access this information, but it takes time to access. So I decided to design a device that makes these tasks more convenient to access, and means things can get done faster.”

Jack Breurkes invented a physics game for mobile devices intended to be used as a study resource for students taking NCEA level 2 physics.

“I wanted to make a game this year for my programming class project and I thought a game would be an interesting thing to do . . . I looked at potential areas, like educational games which are close to home as we use them at school. I’m quite confident in physics, so thought I could make a game out of it with my knowledge and help people out while doing it,” Jack said.

It comes as last week Nor’West News reported Papanui High School student Michael Hann was named as a finalist for his security system activated by natural disasters.

The students travel to Auckland on November 7 to attend the Bright Sparks evening where a winner will be announced.