Selwyn Sounds a trip down memory lane for The Mockers

FOREVER TUESDAY: The Mockers played many of their early gigs at Lincoln University in the 80s.

Selwyn Sounds is going to be a sort of homecoming for The Mockers.

Lead singer Andrew Fagan said it’s “quite humorous” thinking about playing in the district where the band’s career started.

The day-long music festival at Lincoln Domain on March 3 follows this year’s inaugural event, which saw the Jordan Luck Band, Mi-Sex, Dragon and various Kiwi heavyweights play in front of a crowd of about 8000.

“The Mockers had some of their first gigs at Lincoln University,” Fagan said, fondly remembering some of the “drunk agricultural students” during orientation weeks in the early 80s.

The band, which was based in Wellington at the time, would pile onto the Interislander ferry with all kinds of musical equipment in tow then get onto a train bound for a night at Lincoln’s “big, huge uni hall”.

“We did some really, really long sets. We used to play the same set three times in a row. No one noticed – they were just enjoying the live music and were probably too drunk.”

But he said they wouldn’t be playing the same set three times in a row in March.

“It’ll still be riotous.”

Touring small towns holds a special place in Fagan’s heart.

He said, looking back now, he never appreciated it as much as he should have.

“I really miss that kind of thing. As a band, we did so much touring. Over and over and over. There weren’t a lot of bands doing that extensive amount of touring to small towns,” Fagan said.

From playing in tiny Blenheim pubs to a massive, empty Gore hall, no town was left out.

“It was even better when we started to become reasonably popular and people knew the material before we started playing,” he said.

He’s looking forward to recreating that in Lincoln with The Mockers original 1985 line-up of Brett Adams, Geoff Hayden and Tim Wedde.

“It’ll be great playing with a lot of other bands from that period,” he said. This year’s nine-act bill will include Jimmy Barnes, Stellar and The Feelers.

“I can’t wait to see if Barnsey can still hold those long, high notes in Working Class Man.”

In the meantime, Fagan, who is now based in Auckland, is working on material with his other band Fagan and the People, which he’ll be recording at the end of the year.

•Selwyn Sounds will be held on March 3 at Lincoln Domain from 11am-8.30pm. Tickets available at