Rolleston to get new indoor sports facility

Foster Park

Six sports are to be catered for in Rolleston’s new indoor multi-court sports facility.

Netball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis and futsal courts, targeting community-level sport, are to be included in the new facility to be sited at Foster Park.

The complex aimed to cater for Rolleston’s booming population is to be built some time between 2018 to 2028 as part of the district council’s Long Term Plan.

It will include netball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis and futsal courts targeting community-level sport.

It is also to have changing rooms and toilets to cater for outdoor fields used by clubs including the Selwyn United Football Club.

It was covered in the Canterbury Spaces and Places plan presented by Sport Canterbury to the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee on Friday.

Sport Canterbury has partnered with the district council to plan the facility. The plan provides strategic direction for sporting facilities in Selwyn, Christchurch, Hurunui, Ashburton and Waimakariri areas.

Sport Canterbury chief executive Julyan Falloon said it aims to get councils to use the report as they put together their long term plans.

He said it is about breaking down the geographical boundaries between councils.

The report provides a snapshot of facilities in Canterbury including Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub, Christchurch Adventure Park and Metro Sports Facility.

The multi-court sports facility has been in the pipeline since the release of the 2013 masterplan for Foster Park.

An area has been set aside on the Broadlands Drive end of Foster Park, near the Selwyn Aquatic Centre, for the new facility.

The district council is in the process of working through court numbers, design options and estimates of capital and operational cost.

The district council’s major projects property manager John Reid said there is no doubt Selwyn is a high priority area lacking multi-courts.

A feasibility study has been taken over the past 18 months to determine what sports groups need and what they would pay for hireage.

“We want this to be community-focused as opposed to high performance,” Mr Reid said.

Mr Reid said high performance facilities come at a large cost because of the specifications needed to host international sports.

It is planned the Metro Sports Facility will fulfil this need for the Canterbury region.

“The thing I am pushing hard with council is we get the maximum number of courts,” Mr Reid said.

While it is confirmed the facility will be built by the district council it is yet to confirm how it