Noisy trucks on Lodestar Ave bring one resident to breaking point

ANGRY: Wigram residents upset over large trucks driving them out. Wanda Waites helps her daughter Tara Waites across the intersection of Corsair Drive and Lodestar Ave. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER.

More residents in Wigram Skies’ Lodestar Ave want big, noisy trucks stopped from driving through their neighbourhood.

And one with a daughter with a disability says she will now have to sell up.

Wanda Waites, who lives on the corner of Lodestar and Corsair Dr said “the trucks are driving me mad.”

They wake her daughter Tara up at 5am every day of the week.

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Lady Wigram Retirement Village residents are also campaigning to stop the trucks, saying they get woken up at 4.30am.

MESSAGE: The Lady Wigram protesting sign was removed from a fence by a residence.

Ms Waites said she plans to sell up and move to somewhere quieter.

She wants Halswell Ward city councillor Anne Galloway and Wigram MP Megan Woods to be more proactive in stopping the trucks.

Cr Galloway and Dr Woods will meet this Friday to discuss the issue.

Dr Woods said yesterday the trucks are a real problem and it is a horrible situation for Ms Waites.

The city council is due to bring in the citywide Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2017 by the end of the year which will allow restrictions to be placed on streets.

It will include allowing for the banning of vehicles from being parked on the road if they’re advertised for sale, vehicles from parking on berms, and stopping heavy vehicles on certain streets.

Last week Cr Galloway told Western News she doubts the new bylaw will be of any use.

“It seems that speed is the issue and the recommendation is for police to get more involved in monitoring this,” Cr Galloway said.

But late last week, Galloway tempered her stance, sending Western News an email saying the bylaw can work.

“There definitely is still hope that it can be used to prevent heavy trucks along Lodestar. Staff cannot consider it as an option until it is passed,” Cr Galloway said.

Ms Waites said she would be very disappointed if change doesn’t come about and her ideal outcome would be not to see any more trucks.

She said the city council hasn’t done anything.

Ms Waites has lived in the house for almost five years but since Lodestar Ave opened, she’s had problems.

Ms Waites said the noise isn’t the only issue, vehicles drive at speed on the street and it’s a safety hazard.

She said Tara can’t go outside alone as it’s too dangerous.

Lady Wigram Retirement Village residents have been lobbying since April when they met with Cr Galloway and Dr Woods asking for a bylaw to stop trucks being allowed to drive through Lodestar Ave.

It’s a short cut to work sites in the area and in Selwyn.

Shela Wong, who lives on Corsair Drive, said the bylaw is an “awesome” idea.

She said the trucks are too big and noisy to driving on residential streets.

Miss Wong said the yellow pedestrian bars on Corsair Drive have been knocked over a few times as large trucks struggle to make the tight turn onto Lodestar.