McCaw steps up for second go at GODZone

Richie McCaw will line up as part of the PwC Adventure Racing Team at the race being held in Te Anau and Fiordland in March 2018.

He will take part alongside his fellow 2016 teammates Rugby Players Association CEO Rob Nichol and Wanaka adventure racer Sarah Fairmaid.

The fourth member of the team will be Wanaka multisporter, champion kayaker, Bob McLachlan.

“It will be a good way to kick off the new year and to be honest the temptation and massive challenge that Fiordland will throw at us was pretty hard to ignore,” Mr McCaw said.

“GODZone is the ultimate adventure and it really does test your limits in every respect so it was pretty hard to not accept the challenge to race again with Rob, Sarah and Bob.”

McCaw’s team would compete in the 500km, 10-day event in support of the iSPORT Foundation to raise awareness for the foundation he set up with fellow rugby mates including Dan Carter and Ali Williams.

The iSPORT Foundation assisted New Zealand kids who werr doing it tough and wanted to play sport,, but could not afford it.

NZRPA CEO Rob Nichol says championing the iSPORT Foundation through GODZone was of key importance to the entire PwC team.

“We always like to support a charity or cause where we can and Richie’s foundation is doing great things for young New Zealanders who deserve a boost and some real encouragement and guidance,” Mr Nichol said.

“Using team sports, such as adventure racing, to inspire kids to better themselves strikes a chord with our whole team and we are delighted that leading multinational company PwC have also come on board to support our goal.”

Last time Mr McCaw, Mr Nichol and Ms Fairmaid raced at GODZone in 2016 they attracted thousands of supporters who cheered them on to complete the exhausting 539km course through Tasman in just 5 days.

100 teams from around the world would compete at GODZone Chapter 7 from the March 1-10 2018.

It was the first time the event had been held over 10 days rather than seven and the multidisciplinary course would include mountain biking, kayaking, pack rafting, trekking and a ropes section.

Mr Nichol said there was a real buzz and excitement around the event and the PwC team are anticipating a true adventure.

“Fiordland is such a wild place and a real drawcard as a location. We can’t wait to see what sort of challenge the Race Director Warren Bates has laid down for us through this amazing national heritage landscape,” Mr Nichol said.

“We expect there will be many days spent immersed in Fiordland wilderness and with the pack rafting sections we could be out there for a long time. It is going to test us in the extreme, mentally and physically. This will be classic New Zealand adventure racing at its very best.”