Film to show New Brighton’s bustling 80s and 90s

IN THE MAKING: PierPeoples founder, surfer and video maker Todd Gibson is making a documentary about his experiences of New Brighton in the 80s & 90s. PHOTO: Martin Hunter

New Brighton in the 80s and 90s will feature in a documentary.

Facebook page PierPeoples founder Todd Gibson has called the film A Generation Lost which will look back on a great era in New Brighton’s social history.

Surfers, skateboarders and musicians will be among the people interviewed for the documentary, which Mr Gibson hopes will be finished by the end of summer.

The idea came about when talking about New Brighton with friends, joking that they could write a book about all the stories they have. “Then, one day, I was just sitting around going through Netflix documentaries and thought hang on a minute, I’ve got a camera and I know how to use it. The idea just came to me.”

The film will be interview-based.

“There’s so many stories that could come out of it that, in all honesty, when I think about it, it gets a bit overwhelming,” said Mr Gibson. He hopes the title A Generation Lost will highlight a great era that is now lost in time.

The film will be available online and Mr Gibson hopes to have a screening somewhere in New Brighton when it is released

LOCAL SURFIES: New Brighton board riders at the 1989 jubilee, celebrating 25 years since they were first established in 1964.

NATIONAL WINNERS: The 1996 National Scholastic Surfing Championship winners, Aranui High School, Jamie Pattern (L), Todd Gibson, Nick Black and Scott Huddy.