E.coli detected in water supply

E.coli bacteria has been found in a pump station used to supply water to homes and businesses in the Lyttleton area.

The city council is chlorinating the water supply and warns people in Lyttleton, Governors Bay and Diamond Harbour may notice an odour and taste in their water for a “few days”.

It  was detected during routine testing of the water at the Scruttons pump station in the Heathcote Valley, said the city council.

The pump station feeds water through to the Lyttelton Harbour basin via the Somes Reservoir in Lyttelton.

“We are chlorinating the water in both reservoirs to neutralise any E.coli that may be in the reticulation,’’ said city council head of three waters and waste John Mackie.

The amount of chlorine being added to the water is well within the dosage recommended under the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards, he said.

“We are investigating the possible source of the E.coli and will be carrying out ongoing tests on the water to ensure it is free of contaminants,’’ says Mr Mackie.