More than a 1000 eggs for a special cake

CELEBRATE: Year 5 pupil Eve Tayler getting one of the 700 slices of cake St Margaret's made to celebrate Founder's Day.

It took more than 1000 eggs to make the 750 slices of cake dished out during the recent founder’s day service at St Margaret’s College.

The school celebrated its 107th birthday with the giant cake. It was founded in 1910 by Bishop Churchill Julius, who convinced the Diocese of Christchurch synod of the need to establish a school for girls to match that already set up for boys.

St Margaret’s was opened at 28 Armagh St with 50 pupils. In 1913, with a roll of more than 100, it moved into a new building on the corner of Cranmer Square and Chester St West. The college moved to its current Merivale site in 1986.