Watch: Mayor to meet with police over Riccarton bus lounge issues


Mayor Lianne Dalziel will meet with police district commander John Price to discuss whether more presence would help solve the ongoing issues at the Riccarton bus lounge.

The lounge, on the corner of Riccarton Rd and Division St, has been plagued with youth issues since it opened in December 2015.

A working party consisting of board members, business and landowners, police, community groups and residents’ association representatives have made 19 recommendations to help solve the issues.

These include extending bus lounge closing times, playing music in Division St which would attract more people to the area and changing the current bus lounge Wi-Fi policies.

Councillors decided to get Ms Dalziel to meet with Superintendent Price to request additional police presence be allocated during peak times as recommended.

They also decided to lobby central Government to request a review of the Local Government Act bylaw provisions that would allow arrests to be made or instant fines to be issued for breaching a bylaw.

Ms Dalziel said she would like to meet with Superintendent Price in early November if its possible.

The other 17 recommendations are still being investigated by staff and reports will be presented to the Halswell-Hornby Riccarton Community Board and then to the city council.

Community board chairman Mike Mora said he hopes the recommendations will be in place by the end of November.

“. . . hopefully, but I’m not putting time lines on it as I haven’t got control over the workload of staff,” he said.