Wastewater overflow causes warning at Sumner beach

People visiting Sumner beach are being advised to stay out of the water due to a wastewater overflow.

Warning signs were put on the beach this morning as a precautionary measure after it was discovered there had been a small wastewater overflow.

The cause of the overflow is being investigated.

Samples have been taken from Sumner beach to check the bacteria levels in the water and more samples will be taken over the next 48 hours.

The warning signs will be removed from the beach once the tests confirm the water poses no health risk.

Sumner beach remains open to the public and the stay out of the water message only applies to the stretch of beach where the signs have been erected.

Medical Officer of Health Cheryl Brunton said Community and Public Health was satisfied with the city council’s timely response to the incident and believed that while the risk to people was minimal, they should avoid swimming or collecting shellfish in the area where the signs were.