Rekindle’s new home in Ferrymead Heritage Park

WORKSHOP: A string-making workshop at Rekindle's home in Ferrymead Heritage Park.

Ancient greenwood-working skills meet historic local timber at Rekindle’s new home in the Ferrymead Heritage Park.

The park is a natural setting for the traditional craft workshops they are offering.

Rekindle, a Christchurch-based social enterprise, is dedicated to sharing creative skills which have an impact on waste and resourcefulness.

It is happy to be settled in at Ferrymead, which is the base for their latest initiative, Resourceful Ōtautahi.

Its programme focuses on encouraging the use of resourceful skills and undervalued local materials – from cabbage tree fronds to timber that was destined for the woodchipper.

“Being able to make what we need from what we have is something we all need to feel confident in,” Rekindle’s founder Juliet Arnott said.

She said the workshop is “a place people can go to learn and practice craft skills that are traditional yet still highly relevant today because they make the most of available local resources.”

She’s particularly excited to be at Ferrymead Heritage Park as she sees a strong alignment between Rekindle’s aims and the park’s commitment to celebrating local heritage and its social impacts.

Ms Arnott hopes the park will become increasingly vital for local communities.

“There is so much potential in the park and its future, and I hope the workshop programme and other planned activities will give people a new reason to come and spend more time here,” she said.

Resourceful Ōtautahi host evening and weekend workshops for the public, where they can learn traditional crafts, such as spoon-carving, basket-weaving, string-making and furniture-making.

This is New Zealand’s only workshop specialised in greenwood-working, and they use unique timber in the form of 110-year-old trees that were dead or dying in Christchurch’s parks.