Potty-mouthed retirement home owner apologises to residents




A retirement home owner who verbally attacked his residents over a sign complaining about noisy trucks is meeting the pensioners to apologise.

Lady Wigram Retirement Village owner John Tooby called the four elderly residents “a pack of bloody kids” and told them he was “f***ing pissed off” they had contacted the media about the campaign to stop the trucks.

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The rant was recorded by a journalist from The Star.

A spokeswoman from Lady Wigram said Tooby “sincerely and unreservedly apologises for his actions”.

She said although the issue of the traffic noise is out of the facility’s control, the team was working with the Christchurch City Council to try to improve the situation.

“We always work really hard with our residents to ensure they are happy so we’re very sad about this situation,” she said.

The association representing retirement villages said Tooby’s tirade would be addressed at the next executive meeting.

John Collyns, Retirement Villages Association executive director, said he would also be speaking directly with Tooby.

“We do have a disciplinary process in place for those that bring the industry to disrepute.”

Yesterday, Age Concern Canterbury chief executive Simon Templeton called Tooby’s language “appalling”.

One of the residents caught up in Tooby’s verbal crossfire had contacted Templeton’s organisation about the owner’s behaviour. He said an offer of support would also be extended to the other pensioners involved.

-NZ Herald