Plan to narrow crash prone road

PLANS: The city council plans for the upgrade of Palmers Road to reduce speeding and crashes.

A crash-prone road in North New Brighton may be narrowed to make it safer.

There have been 12 crashes on Palmers Rd between Bowhill and New Brighton Rds between 2005 and 2016, New Zealand Transport agency data shows.

Now the city council is considering narrowing Palmers Rd to one lane in four places.

Public feedback on the upgrade closed last week.

Narrowing Palmers Rd will make it more pedestrian-friendly. However, some on-street parking will be lost.

Palmers Rd resident Nicola Smith has experienced issues with speed on the street before.

Miss Smith, who is a nurse, has attended crashes on her street during the four years living there.

She lives near the bend in the road as it approaches Bower Ave.

Motorists have lost control there, including a drink driver who smashed into her fence.

Potholes and other road damage following the earthquakes are also a concern for Miss Smith.

“They don’t have warnings for any of the pot holes.”

“You have to go 10km/h over some of the bigger potholes, they have signs up saying 30km/h but you still have to slow right down for them,” said Miss Smith.

She said her car has received a lot of stone chips over the years.

A decision on the plan will be made by the Coastal Burwood Community Board in December.

Work for the project will not begin until mid-2018.