OPINION: Intersection stoush

WAGER: City councillor Aaron Keown offered $100 to anyone who could find a more dangerous intersection than Harewood, Gardiners and Breens Rds.

Readers also respond to the article about city council ordering that the signs discouraging dangerous driving in St Albans be taken down

Ray Derry – Good on Duncan Webb for supporting Rachel Donaldson and her signage. Here is a member of the public trying to protect people from speeding drivers and the city council go the opposite way and order the removal of the signs. The city council and the complainant need to get some common sense.

Allan Visser – I would like to voice my view which is this: I believe the city council was wrong in taking the “St Albans children matter slow down” signs. I am so angry that it has done this as I think they are great signs, and I am sure that drivers have taken notice of them. The biggest reason these signs were put up is there is no lights or signs to indicate to drivers to slow down to 30km/h as there is a school in the area. Sure there is English Park there but a lot of schoolchildren walk through its car park to get to Cranford St and then to get home. This is something important the city council should be doing something about, therefore those signs were a great incentive. Besides Cranford St is very busy at the time when children come out of school, just like rush hour. So if you ask me, I think the city council wants the children to be killed. It seems the city council doesn’t care about life, instead it only cares about money. I say: “Let us forget money, and concentrate on saving lives.” That should be on the top of its list.

Readers respond to the article about a stoush between Papanui-Innes Community Board member John Stringer (right) and city councillor Aaron Keown over the importance of upgrades to the Gardiners, Breens and Harewood Rds intersection

Glenda Hicks – I am one if those who has contacted Aaron Keown some time ago. I wait daily for some evidence of a city council response. I live off Gardiners Rd between Harewood and Sawyers Arms Rds. I use the intersection daily. Until earlier this year, I commuted to Lincoln via Johns Rd. It is utter nonsense for John Stringer to opine that the well-designed new roundabout arrangement on Johns Rd is more dangerous than having to cross the four lanes on Harewood, Gardiners and Breens Rds corner with no assistance whatsoever. Frustration here causes people to take risks or have to turn left and take the nearest U-turn to get onto the other side. Mr Keown is undoubtedly representing the interests of his area. Mr Stringer is not, and should not interfere. Anything that the local media can do to hasten action on this traffic hazard would be appreciated.

Graeme Wood – We live not far from the Harewood, Breens, Gardiners Rds intersection and try to avoid most turns from this dangerous intersection. I would suggest the powers to be place temporary cameras to see what happens at this site. The police would have a field day at the amount of motorists that fail to stop at the compulsory stop signs, and the drivers who play Russian roulette to get from Breens to Gardiners and vice versa (four lanes, two each way). If the city council can put traffic lights on Sawyers Arms Rd outside Northlands Shopping Centre, then they should get their priorities right an install them at Harewood, Breens and Gardiners Rds. The Harewood/Russley roundabout flows very well and controls major traffic. Maybe Mr Stringer (above) has a night job and sleeps during the day and doesn’t see what goes on?

Phil Millar – So where does this John Stringer live? I bet it’s not near the intersection. I challenge him to come down to this intersection any working day of the week and spend two hours in the morning from 7-9am and from 3-6pm. It is obvious that he has an eyesight problem or is in denial about the safety of this intersection. Where was he when Aaron Keown had the meeting on the corner earlier in the year?