Maddie back in hospital

13 year-old Maddie Collins with her dog Coco.

Maddie Collins, who has been fundraising for a kidney transplant in the United States, is back in hospital fighting a potentially life-threatening infection.

The West Melton teenager was taken to hospital on Sunday with peritonitis – an infection of the lining around her abdomen.

She has had the condition before, when she was five-years-old, and ended up on life support because of it.

SICK: Maddie Collins, 13, has been in hospital since Sunday fighting a potentially life-threatening infection, which is complicated by her kidney failure treatment.

Maddie’s mother, Sarah Manson Collins, said she was on heavy medication and the doctors believed it was working, but she was likely to stay in Christchurch Hospital for the rest of the week.

Treatment for the infection was complicated by the medication and dialysis treatment Maddie needs for kidney failure.

Mrs Manson Collins said Maddie had been in a lot of pain, but was staying positive.

“Today she said mum, I’m ready to go riding again. But that was after another big dose of medication,” she said.

She said the infection made the need for a transplant more urgent.

“She just needs a kidney. We’re just trying to sit tight here and hope it happens,” she said.

This week marks five years since Maddie’s father, Adam Collins, donated one of his kidneys to her. Five hours after the operation, her body rejected it.

Her family have been fundraising to get Maddie a kidney transplant in the United States, where the treatment offered would make it less likely a donated kidney would be rejected.

But the treatment would cost more than $700,000, and is also conditional on Maddie’s brother, Tomas, donating one of his kidneys to an American patient as part of a “paired exchange” programme.

Mrs Manson Collins said she hoped Maddie’s story would inspire people to become organ donors.