Les gets into recreation at 90

UP: Les Cotton, aged 90, demonstrates the benefits of the Mature and Motivated class with a shoulderstand.

Rolleston Community Centre’s Mature and Motivated recreation class is so much fun it has 90-year-olds doing shoulder-stands.

The class is low impact fun and exercise aimed at active people 50 years and over, and includes activities such as hula hooping, trampoline, exercycling, ball passing, and dancing, all set to a fun, upbeat soundtrack.

As well as the physical benefits, the class is a very social occasion, which is nearly always followed with a coffee and chat.

At 90, Rolleston resident Les Cotton is a newbie to recreation classes.

He started attending following his wife’s death earlier this year. Mr Cotton wasn’t sure about the class at first but after giving it a go says he really enjoys it.

“I’ve met a lot of new people and it’s very social, with coffee after. It’s where you go to make new friends.”

Pat Jones, 87, has been going to the class for the last six years. She drives into Rolleston from Darfield twice a week.

Mrs Jones said she first started the class as a way to stay active, and has continued with it for the people.

“I just love it. I’ve made wonderful friends and the instructor Ingrid is very good. I had an accident two years ago and was so supported by the kind people I’ve met at the class. At Christmas time I buy vouchers for them to the local cafes where we meet after each class. My favourite activity is the rowing machine. It uses every muscle, and I like the challenge. The bike is another favourite of mine,” she said.

At only $3 per class, Mature and Motivated is a low-cost way to keep fit. Instructor Ingrid Phelan says the best part about taking the class is the people.

“They inspire me – it can be emotional seeing them interacting. The best part of the class is the people and the way they look out for each other. A typical class has 30 people in it, and the same ones turn up both days per week. It’s great seeing them all having fun and having a laugh.”

The Mature and Motivated class is held on Tuesdays 11–11.45am and Fridays 12–12.45pm during term times. $3 per session. No booking required.

For more information phone the Rolleston Community Centre on 347 2882 or ask at the counter.