Would you forgo a cup of coffee to fund the cathedral rebuild?

Would you forgo a cup of coffee every three months to help with the cathedral rebuild?

City councillors seem to think that’s fair.

Funding the repair of the Christ Church Cathedral could cost ratepayers about $12 a year – less than a cup of coffee quarterly according to a few of the city councillors.

How to fund it will head out for public consultation, after city councillors agreed at Tuesday’s meeting on how to pay for its $10m grant it has promised to the project.

The city council promised a grant of $10 million to be put towards rebuilding the cathedral, which is set to cost $104 million in total.

City councillors decided to get the money through a targeted rate, over a six year period – $72 for each ratepayer.

But it was not a unanimous decision. Crs Sara Templeton, Glen Livingstone and Yani Johanson wanted both options, including borrowing money, to go out for consultation.

The cost of reinstating the cathedral is $104m, with $42m from the  Anglican Synod’s insurance; $38.7 million from the government and other organisations and along with the $10 million from the city council, that leaves an estimated $13.3 million to fundraise.

It is unclear yet what would be done with any extra money raised by the targeted rate, but city councillors have suggested it might go towards a council-owned heritage building fund.