Council boss puts brakes on working party

DANGER: Fendalton residents are concerned about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on Glandovey, Idris and Straven Rds.

City council chief executive Karleen Edwards appears to have put the brakes on setting up a working party to look at road safety in Fendalton.

Dr Edwards sent a memo to residents on Glandovy, Idris and Straven Rds who are concerned about poor road layout, narrow cycleways and the high number of heavy vehicles in the area. She also sent it to the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board.

“Staff have suggested caution in establishing a working group due to the resource that will be required and the low likelihood of the working group being able to effect the changes requested,” she said in the memo.

Concerned resident James Wilding said it was difficult to comprehend there would be a “low” chance of change with a working group.

“Fundamental city council policy includes listening to and working with communities, creating healthy and safe communities and elected members making decisions. We want to work with the city council,” he said.

Dr Edwards sent the memo after city council staff recommended the issues could be “sufficiently addressed” by having a work shop with the community board next month. That workshop would not include the public, which Mr Wilding said was “difficult to reconcile”.

One issue Mr Wilding was expressly concerned about is the width of the cycleway on Idris Rd.

Dr Edwards said the section of the cycle lane would be remarked by November. But Mr Wilding said the city council has only acknowledged one section of the cycle lane does not comply, when there are more than 10.

The memo will be discussed by the community board at its meeting tonight.