Bike brake impaled on cyclist hand

Mark Thomas is a specialist fire investigator who writes a weekly column for Star Media’s community newspapers.

A recent call to Hei Hei presented a bit of a challenge for the Sockburn crew.

A child in a wheelchair was stuck in her bedroom because the door handle had broken.

She had been there for some hours before the family admitted defeat in their endeavours to make entry.

The fire crew called managed to get one of their number through a window into the room with some small tools that were sufficient to break out.

Family reunited.

Water reported flowing from a house in Stanmore Rd turned out to be the downfall for some indoor gardeners.

Helpful firefighters looking inside were worried that the chemicals visible were part of a methamphetamine lab.

They weren’t, but several rooms full of spiky leafed illegal plants were found by the police experts called in.

A resident of Aranui was recently taken to hospital with burns to the hand.

You guessed it!

Stovetop fire.

Every week the same!

Spreydon’s fire crew had the unpleasant job of removing a bicycle brake handle from a bike last Tuesday.

That bit sounds easy. But the handle was impaled through the rider’s hand at the time.

The delicate use of a serious pair of bolt cutters allowed the patient to be taken to hospital for expert surgery to remove the handle from hand.

Finally, someone in Aranui was cold on Wednesday night.

They opened the boarded up fireplace and lit a fire.

It was boarded for a reason.

No flue, no chimney!