Your views: Traffic congestion at Colombo St and Edgeware Rd

Readers of the Nor’West News respond to the article regarding congestion at the intersection of Colombo St and Edgeware Rd

ROADING: The city council installed yellow bollards at the intersection at Colombo St and Edgeware Rd.

Readers of the Nor’West News respond to the article regarding congestion at the intersection of Colombo St and Edgeware Rd

Simon O’Connor – I came across the article about the Edgeware Rd and Colombo St intersection and thought I’d add something to the mix, if it’s still topical. I’m feeling it is very topical. Because as a result our city has become swamped by excessive use of road safety signage, lights and bollards. Visually it is noise. The quantity and usage of vertical poles and traffic lights is absurd and this visual noise is fundamentally wrong. The city sadly lost a lot of its charm six years ago, and we are no longer a garden city. It seems there are more metal poles and yellow plastic trees than gardens. We cannot constantly facilitate the needs of people who are cannot think for themselves or other road users. It is the majority of us that actually suffer. It’s like someone at the city council is shareholder in these traffic safety equipment suppliers. I drive daily along Colombo St, turning left on Edgware Rd, so here are my qualified observations:

•It now takes longer as a journey, I usually could turn left in 10 seconds, by giving way to others.

•I sit at the traffic lights for around a minute waiting to turn left, more greenhouse gas as I sit in congestion.

•I sit at the traffic lights for imaginary cyclists who have their very own green light, but nobody is there?

•Sometimes I have to wait for imaginary cyclists on two repeat instruction of the lights.

•I see about two cyclists tops at 8.30am up Colombo St from Bealey Ave.

•I know first-hand of a business on the corner of Bealey Ave and Colombo St who left her store due to reduced customers, lack of parking, and cycleway construction, which took months.

Heather Wilkins – Be nice if they could get the intersections sorted. They may have turning lanes but they need their own turning lights and the turning lanes should turn at the same time like they do at Blenheim Rd where you come off the motorway, just like they do in Australia. The light frequency needs to go longer for the minor roads off the main roads as sometimes you can sit in the turning lane for four turns of the lights and with that the straight through sometimes only gets one car through and it changes again. Half a minute on Buchanans Rd and sometimes 2min on Carmen Rd. Drivers then may not go through a red light.

Kelly Root – Wondered what the green mess was for.

Christine Carr –  I regularly shop at Edgeware and cross the intersections with my hearing dog. We are both elderly and slow. The problem I have is with the maniac speedsters who regularly try to beat the lights coming up Edgeware Rd from Abberley Cres. With the building of the new restaurant next to the supermarket, foot and vehicle traffic is bound to increase. Hopefully the traffic lights will help regulate the road hogs. Not holding my breath though. A speed camera could be useful.

Connie Kruse Christensen – With this area being used as a rat-run along Trafalgar St, the traffic lights now allow pedestrians to safely cross Colombo St from Bailies’ off-street car park to St Albans Pharmacy, and to also safely cross Edgeware Rd to Super Value and the new cafe opening soon. It’s a great improvement for safety walking between these good local shops.