Your views: Fendalton street ‘resident access’ only

TRAFFIC: Rat runners down Harakeke and Rochdale St are frustrating residents. PHOTO: GILBERT WEALLEANS

Readers respond to an article about a proposal by Fendalton residents to make Rochdale St ‘residents only’. The attempt to stop drivers using it as a shortcut was declined by the city council 

Megan Bowie – I think I’ll make a point of driving down there now, every chance I get. The arrogance is strong with this street.

Janine Hale – How is it a ‘shortcut’ when it is a legal public road . . . surely it’s just one of many routes to get to a destination?

Jennie Moreton – Every nasty comment reflects the bias of the posters who have made judgements about the people living in Rochdale St – probably without meeting any of them. For the record, I don’t live there, I have taken the shortcut down that street in the past and I don’t think any public road should be closed to non-residents.

Daniel Thompson – How would they police that? They’d have needed to ask for checkpoints at both ends of the street. Then are the enforcers there on rotating shifts 24/7 or would it be accessed via some kind of swipe card?

Stephanie Hagerty – It’s a street not a private road. You knew that when you bought there.

John Bartlett – Head out to east Christchurch and look at the state of the roads there. Shocking and they moan about a bit of traffic.

Clarissa Douglas – This street and its residents have a lot of issues . . . If you don’t like it move, I’m sure there’s people out there who would love to live there and not moan.

Jennie Moreton – What a lot of nasty comments. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, so why shouldn’t they try? Didn’t work but what’s the harm?

Chelcie Tamaira – I just find this hilarious. Sorry. Do they want to be like a Hollywood gated community? It’s so funny. Tatia Buckingham – Fendalton insanity gone awry . . . it’s a public road maintained by the city council like all the rest with people’s taxes. And, as has been already pointed out, how would they police it and who would be responsible for enforcing it?

Chrissi Tukaki – If you don’t like we commoners go and build a commune out in the country. Don’t want a funeral home, don’t want cars. Spare me.

Carolyn Fraser – Don’t want a funeral home built down their street and now want the road solely to themselves. At least that’s not going to happen.

Pamela Neil – These people just keep trying to change the world. I lived in Glandovey Rd when the neighbours were normal people.

Hans Steinz – So why not close the street at both ends? Okay, “residents” would have to park around the corner, but it would be very quiet.

Jonathan Scott – It’s a public road. Everyone has the legal right to drive on it.

Helen Young – Who the hell do they think they are? We are ratepayers too and should be able to use all streets in Christchurch any time we want to.

Maraea Cracknell – I’d love that to happen to my street too. But it will never happen.