Tech and model trains

STOKED: Celyn Bennet with his Boggy Creek layout. PHOTO: ROY SINCLAIR/SUPPLIED.

Avonhead teenager Celyn Bennet is an unrepentant railway devotee.

He best expresses his interest by creating model railway layouts.

Owing to space limitations, two of his projects are set up outdoors. Both layouts are based on the popular HO scale or a ratio of 1:87.

One of his layouts is ‘Boggy Creek’, which Celyn exhibited at last year’s BIG Model Train Show in Christchurch.

It represents a one-time bush tramway associated with a pioneer New Zealand sawmill.

He said he “liked the look of” the layout’s integrated sawmill building and rustic steam shovel.

The second layout is ‘Tussock Flats’, a work in progress for this year’s show.

It represents a typical 1950s New Zealand country railway station with sidings and a main line.

Celyn is involved with the Canterbury Railway Society at Ferrymead and the Mainline Steam Trust at Sockburn.

“The catalyst for modelling was from watching James May’s Toy Stories television programme, where he talked about his fascination with well-known model train brands, such as Hornby,” Celyn said.

He utilises technology when designing and building rolling stock or line side structures. He will compile items on his computer and send them as a 3D model to his 3D printer.

The printer then builds the solid item in fine layers of plastic.

Celyn sources plans from the NZ Model Railway journal and compiles his computer model utilising AutoCAD Fusion 360 software, which is free for students.

The Tussock Flats layout will be operated by Hornby elink from his PC or an app on his smart phone.

•Meet Celyn and his Tussock Flats layout at the BIG Model Train Show on October 7 and 8 at Pioneer Leisure Centre, 75 Lyttelton St, Somerfield. The theme at this year’s show will be youth and technology