Southshore decisions delayed

A decision over the Southshore Floodplain Management Short Term Plan has been pushed back to October 10.

The delay will provide more time for discussions, said Coastal-Burwood Community Board chairwoman Kim Money.

The board is working to ensure their suggestions are included in the recommendations for the city council report.

City council has proposed a solution to put bunding 20-30m back on the estuary coastline between Pleasant Point Yacht Club and the new boardwalk.

This will allow for natural erosion to take place.

Community board deputy chairman Tim Sintes said this may risk losing the walkway and dozens of trees. The area is one of the best scenic walks in Christchurch and should be restored to what it was, said Mr Sintes.

Mr Sintes encourages those supporting the community board’s recommendation to spread the word to friends and family about what is happening on the estuary edge.