It’s set in stone at Hornby High School

PROGRESS: Concrete being poured into Hornby High School's new gym last weekend. PHOTO: HORNBY HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER.

It’s set in stone for Hornby High School.

The school’s new gymnasium had its concrete poured last weekend – this is part of the multi-million dollar upgrade by the Ministry of Education.

The new gymnasium will feature a full-size basketball court, fitness centre, teaching space, equipment storage, changing rooms and showers, and staff office areas.

The school will also retain its existing gymnasium, giving the school two full-size indoor basketball courts.

“We are a chunk of the way through what is an almost full school rebuild,” Hornby High School principal Mr Sutton said.

“It’s part of the whole ministry infrastructure reinvestment and the figure I heard was something like $1.4 billion they’re progressively investing in the Canterbury region in the whole network,” Mr Sutton said.

The school’s rebuild wasn’t due to earthquake repairs, it had been occupying temporary buildings since 1975.

“Our kids, family and community they just deserve good facilities and that’s exactly what they’re going to get and that’s probably the most exciting thing,” Mr Sutton said.

Mr Sutton said they’re looking forward to being able to focus solely on good learning once the rebuild is complete.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a grumble at all. We’re absolutely rapt. We’re so excited by the whole process,” Mr Sutton said.

All construction at Hornby High School should be completed by late February 2019.