Opinion: Working New Zealanders better under National

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Roger Bridge is the regional chair of the National Party for Canterbury Westland

Every working New Zealander will be at least $1350 on average better off thanks to National’s tax cuts that come in to effect early next year.

Labour voted against these.

National has lifted annual wages by $13,000 since taking office.

Labour are saying to New Zealanders they know better than you how to spend your money. Why shouldn’t hard-working Kiwis benefit from growing surpluses thanks to good economic management.

This is one reason National deserves to be returned this Saturday.

Billions has been spent by a National Government in the rebuild of Christchurch. This has been done without a regional petrol tax like the one other Kiwis are going to have to pay. National is committed to Christchurch and deserves a further term to grow one of the strongest economies in the Western world. Christchurch will become one of the newest and most exciting places to live as the rebuild continues.

Labour is committed to a water tax, tourist tax, regional petrol tax and higher income taxes. Their answer is to tax and spend. Labour and the Greens are committed to a capital gains tax.

A strong economy did not happen by accident. It came through good management, sensible well thought out policies delivering for all New Zealanders.

Labour voted against three new housing areas in Auckland plus the sale of not fit for purpose state housing, preventing this money going
in to new social housing which will be warmer, modern and better located.

Kiwis have come home to work, bringing up their families and to be closer to their relatives and friends. This has caused problems but it is better than the mass exodus we saw under Labour.

National deserves a further term to continue to deliver accountable education, accessible health services and affordable housing. We are on track to decrease debt by $4 billion over the next four years. Labour will increase debt. This will lift interest rates.

We have one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the world. Let National deliver a continuing higher standard of living and better services for all New Zealanders.