Live radio play to take audience into mythical world

HUMOROUS: David Allen and Nataliya Oryshchuk set to perform in A Sorcerer's Appendix.

A BBC live studio-styled show crossed with a mythical world of kings and sorcerers may appear to be a difficult show to visualise.

But that is the exact kind of show Monty Python and William Shakespeare enthusiast David Allen, 50, has written.

Set in a radio booth, the show aims to transport audiences back to the 1950s and portray a group of actors attempting to produce a live radio play.

The audience will witness the actors attempting to make a range of sound-effects for a radio show from forest rustles, dungeon drips to axolotl squeaks.

It is a show within in a show with the live radio play featuring around a king who has defeated a sorcerer in the past.

A Sorcerer’s Appendix was first successfully premiered in 2011. Six years later and a revived version of the show is set to be staged by NO Productions Theatre Collective at Orange Studios next month.

“It is a warning against allowing fear to take over your life,” Allen said.

While he could not remember what inspired the plot, he said the show has Monty Python and Shakespeare-styled themes.

“Another thing that inspired the sorcerer was Alan Rickman and the Robin Hood film he was in,” he said.

Characters such as The Nurse from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet were likely to appear in the show.

“There is a lot of humour and characters you will recognise because they are such a cliche,” he said.

As well as writing the show, the Riccarton resident is an actor himself and will play the role of the evil sorcerer.

Allen said while he would love to perform as a full-time actor, it has been difficult to make a career post-earthquake.

“Other than The Court Theatre, there is nothing that can pay what you are worth,” he said.

For Allen, it was a long road to writing A Sorcerer’s Appendix with him first beginning to write the show in 1998 and the first draft being more than five hours long.

But nearly 12 years later the show was written and first performed at The Canterbury Celebration Theatre in 2011.

• A Sorcerer’s Appendix will run at Orange Studios September 7 and 8. To book tickets go to