Bromley’s midges plague issue continues

BIG PROBLEM: This pile of midges was collected off resident Janet Profit's window.

A solution has still not been found to eradicate Bromley’s midge plague.

A meeting was held on August 7 between city council staff and Coastal-Burwood Community Board members aimed at finding a solution.

The city council has spent $800,000 over two years unsuccessfully trying to fix the midge problem from the wastewater plant.

Nearby residents say they have had enough of putting up with midges over the years.

But a veil of silence remains from the city council about what has emerged from the August 7 meeting.

Community board member Linda Stewart said her solution – adding UV protection – was discussed but won’t elaborate on other possibilities.

City councillor Glenn Livingstone refused to discuss the matter with Pegasus Post, saying:

“It’s a complex matter and not easily resolved and it’s better if we assemble as much information as possible before putting it out there.”

Ms Stewart said her solution would work.

“This should’ve been put in place 20 years ago.”

She said in the late 1990s, the South New Brighton Residents’ Association fought hard for UV protection. But city council staff said it would only be added if needed.

The cost has now increased from less than $5 million in the late 1990s to an estimated $23 million, she said.

But Ms Stewart said UV protection takes time, time residents don’t have with warmer weather around the corner.