Rental van caught on camera swerving across road


A motorist has captured video of a rental van swerving across the road on Banks Peninsula.

The video was posted on Facebook and has been widely shared.

It shows the Jucy van being driven on the wrong side of a road, including around blind bends.

The police and Jucy were contacted by the driver of the following vehicle.

In reply on the post, Jucy said it had contacted the person driving its van as soon as they found out.

“Hi everyone, please be aware that we contacted the driver [of their van] as soon as we found out, yesterday afternoon,” Lucy from Jucy said in the post.

A Jucy spokewoman said that it took road safety very seriously.

“[W]e are grateful that the situation has been brought to our attention. In this instance, we have contacted both the customer and the police,” she said.