Lewis Road, Pic’s ice cream sells out in some areas

CREAMY: Lewis Road Creamery and Pic's Peanut Butter's new ice cream has been popular in Christchurch since it launched last week.

Nearly 4000 tubs of Lewis Road Creamery and Pic’s Peanut Butter’s new ice cream have been sold in Christchurch since it was launched last week.

Supermarkets across the country have sold out of the new treat, including Christchurch – but the good news is they will be restocked next week.

The new Lewis Road Creamery Peanut Butter Ice Cream is a collaboration between the two companies, which was officially released last Wednesday.

Lewis Road Creamery general manager Angela Weeks said Cantabrians, like the rest of the country, were loving the new collaboration.

“In the week since launch close to 4000 tubs of our new Peanut Butter Ice Cream have been sold in Christchurch alone via 29 Christchurch supermarkets.”

She said they thought they were onto “something special” when they developed the recipe.

“People can’t get enough of our latest combination sensation which has led to many supermarkets, including some in Christchurch, running out of stock.”

She said the good news was replenishments were on the way, and were expected to be in the chiller next week.

The ice cream is made from whole cream and free range eggs, before being blended with Pic’s Smooth No Salt Peanut Butter, and finished with a sprinkle of Belgian milk chocolate flakes.

It is being sold in a 470ml tub, costing $8.99, and has received good reviews on Facebook.

Lewis Road Creamery has done a number of collaborations with other well-known Kiwi food companies, with perhaps the most popular, the chocolate milk collaboration with Whittaker’s in 2014.

Unlike the ice cream, the chocolate milk was not available in the South Island when it was released, resulting in dairies smuggling it into Christchurch to sell secretly.

To find out where the ice cream is sold, click here.