Chance to eat like a mayor or a minister

YOUNG ENTERPRISE: (Front L-R) Brett Langlands, Stephanee Lomas, Caitlin Fraser, Tane Nikora. (Back L-R) Christopher Moffat, Bilgun Norjinkhand

Meals eaten by Sam Broughton and Amy Adams, as children, will be put to the test in a MasterChef-style competition.

The competition is to help launch a cookbook created by the year 13 commerce class at Darfield High School.

Mayor Broughton’s mother made him and his two other brothers chicken
enchiladas when they were kids. It’s a “really yummy” recipe that he remembers quite vividly. It was full with tomatoes, a food the mayor didn’t like, and it got him thinking about foods he likes and doesn’t like. Sometimes the dinner could create a divide. “I remember sitting around the table and being pleased when there was more than one serving,” he said.

With no kitchen at the moment, Mayor Broughton hasn’t cooked the enchiladas in a while but they will definitely be made once it’s built.

For Selwyn MP Amy Adams a cookbook isn’t complete without something sweet so she supplied her favourite lemon slice recipe that she came across in a newspaper.

Her favourite memories attached to the slice is making it with her two kids who she has shared the recipe with.

Darfield High School students Stephanee Lomas, Caitlin Fraser, Christopher Moffat, Tane Nikora, Brett Langlands and Bilgun Norjinkhand chose to create the Secret Family Recipes cookbook as part of the Young Enterprise Scheme after finding out that traditional family recipes are being lost and forgotten over the years.

“This can be linked to there not being a hard copy of the recipes your grandparents made, as they know them off by heart,” Stephanee said: “Another reason is because in modern day society we can easily look up a recipe online instead of dusting off grandmas old recipe book and looking for the rainy-day casserole you remember getting as a kid whenever you visited.”

The book includes recipes from the students families, family friends and members of the community along with photos from the Selwyn and Canterbury area taken by Stephanee.

“We have tried to capture the beauty of the Selwyn and Canterbury areas,” Stephanee said.