Bid to reinstate Darfield Xmas event

It’s been two years since Darfield last had a Country Christmas in the Park. But now people are wanting to bring it back.

After a change in personnel, it became too hard for the small number of people involved to pull off the event.

At last Monday’s Community Board meeting, it was asked that the board could be involved in the planning of Christmas in the Park.

Deputy Chairman of the board Kerry Pauling said the board was still in discussion about it but they are “reasonably keen” to help out.

“It’s a worthwhile family outing,” Mr Pauling said.

However, Mr Pauling thinks a few things need to be changed. “It needs to be an event for all ages,” he said.

Mr Pauling also said the event needs to be more about Christmas and less of a fair.

Mayor Sam Broughton is on board with bringing back Christmas in the Park too. “It’s a great event and it would be really cool to have it back again.”