Watch: Bus, bike or car – the race to work

The city's transport system has taken a hammering due to the earthquake. Now, millions are being spent on controversial cycleways and the bus system has been completely overhauled. So, what is the fastest and most efficient way to get to work? We sent out three people in a race to get to work on time - in a bus, on a bike and in a car - and fair to say it had some surprising results.




  1. The bike may be the quickest . . if you’re young and fit and can endure Christchurch’s cold weather, but not for me at 82 years.

    The bus may be okay, especially if you live somewhere that has one more than every hour but lots more needs to be done about upgrading shelters and making them more user friendly.

    I still at this stage prefer the car, however there is one drawback and that is that motorways in existence mostly feed off into bottlenecks, to wit, Hornby, Brougham Street and, when complete, Cranford Street. It would probably make more sense at this stage to plan overpass bridges over Colombo Street, Waltham Road as well as work done adjacent to Hornby Mall. Maybe a future motorway extensin is needed from Russley, following Ryans Road and over Yaldhurst roundabout allowing free flow to connect with the new southern motorway under construction.

    Personally I would like to see rail used where possible as this is fast and efective.