Treatment could speed breast cancer recovery


Up to 251 Christchurch women could benefit from a new breast cancer treatment being considered, a study has found.

New technology allows radiotherapy to be done during breast cancer surgery, rather than being drawn out over several weeks.

It means patients can be treated and recover faster.

It is already being used in a private clinic in Auckland, and several groups have been campaigning to have it publicly funded.

The study was commissioned by the Ministry of Health to look at the cost of funding the treatment, and estimate the demand for it.

It estimated about 461 women across New Zealand would use the treatment, but it could vary between 80 and 1505.

That included between 14 and 251 women in Christchurch.

It estimated the cost of investing in the treatment would be between $3.72 million and $4.72 million, but it could also save significant amounts over 10 years by reducing the amount of time it took to treat women.