Letters to the editor: Hospital car parking crisis

Readers respond to calls for Hagley Park’s Hospital Corner to be used to temporarily alleviate the Christchurch Hospital car parking crisis

Glenis Haley:

For many years now, I have been at a loss to understand why Hagley Park has not been mooted as a car park for patients and visitors at the Christchurch Hospital. Obviously the ‘powers that be’ have never been either a patient, especially on an outpatient basis, or a visitor to very sick friends or relatives.

My husband and I have, unfortunately, been regular outpatients attending Christchurch Hospital over the past years and parking our vehicle has become a real nightmare, especially since the earthquakes and the new construction on the site.

Recently, we have been using the Park and Ride car park in Deans Ave, but it is not always satisfactory for us elderly people, especially when it is raining and the puddles in the carpark are very deep and the surface is definitely not fit for purpose. The wait for the shuttle (at both ends) is not convenient for the sick and elderly either.

I feel very passionate about the use of part of Hagley Park opposite the hospital for parking, even if it is only on a temporary basis until enough permanent parks can be supplied.

A decision on this proposal is required urgently especially as winter is upon us and the problem seems to be getting worse.

Jenny Williams:

Hagley Park should absolutely not be used for temporary hospital parking. Already the park has been eroded for the new hospital building. Hagley Park should be sacrosanct and not gradually eaten away, whether it is for a permanent or temporary car park. There is plenty of room in the old sale yards.

In addition, many trees in that area of the park were lost following the earthquake, we can’t afford to lose more due to compaction over their root area  that is likely to be caused by cars.

Shirley Coffey:

I think we should be building a new multi storied carpark on Hagley Park. It should be plant covered and have a roof top garden that is open to all to use. This would also help to cover parking for sports at the park. Don’t just do a temporary fix build something that we can all enjoy for its plant covered beauty and show us the way some of the big cities in this world can make beautiful green spaces from what would be an ugly building.

Phyllis Parker:

I think the Hagley Park should be used for temporary parking. We need a safe place for nursing staff to park and relieve the stress of finding a park to visit loved ones. The area and easily return to its park setting in the future. Since the earthquakes we as Cantabrians are used to compromises. Just do it.

Murray Spackman:

If there is a possibility that a temporary arrangement could be arrived at that allows car parking closer to the hospital with say 120 min limits to ensure that it is available for short term visiting I believe it would be very beneficial for Christchurch while current rebuilding continues. This is currently a major issue for hospital visitors that would take some heat off the current car park on Deans Ave and would need to be available for three years at least until the current rebuild is finished. Well done for bringing this up for discussion.

Shona Tooley:

As an oncology patient I find that the parking is shocking at the hospital.

We would love to see Hagley used for parking. Bad enough having to go there for appointments, finding a car park adds to the stress.

Yes, yes, yes, we need the park.

Mary Wynn-Williams:

Yes I have wondered why no one has mentioned this before.It would be a brilliant temporary solution to the Hospital parking problem.