Phillipstown firing up earth oven

COMMUNITY SPIRIT: Phillipstown Community Hub volunteers constructed the earth oven last month which will serve the community fresh bread in a few weeks once the clay has dried out.

Phillipstown residents are ready to fire up a new earth oven to help create a friendly, recreational area

About 20 people stomped around in clay last month at the Phillipstown Community Hub to help build the oven, which will be the centre piece of hub.

Phillipstown Community Hub co-ordinator Viviana Zanetti said the oven is part of the hub’s effort to provide a place for the community to come together.

She said the area will also feature a flower bed that will act as a herb garden, a picnic bench for people to sit and eat at and a playground which will be designed by the children and constructed by the volunteers.

Ms Zanetti said the hub will hold workshops for the future projects for the community to help them create the recreational space.

“In this way, on one hand the community can take ownership of the place and on the other hand they can learn skills and abilities.”

Ms Zanetti said they are still a few weeks away from using the oven as it needs to dry properly without cracks forming in the clay. She also said they were still discussing who can use the earth oven.

“It would be great if the community could use it, but we need to think carefully about it, there are some health and safety related issues.”

Volunteers Sarah and Keanu helped construct Phillipstown Community Hub which is drying out and will be fired up sometime next month.