Rangiora restaurant roof cat gets new home

CAUGHT: Firefighters and the SPCA couldn't get Ginger out of the roof of Nom Nom Kitchen in Rangiora, but manager An Nguyen was able to trap him on Monday night. PHOTO: Supplied.

The stray cat that made his home in a Rangiora restaurant roof, has finally been caught.

He had been in the roof of Nom Nom Kitchen on High St for the past three days, but was snared after a trap was set for him on Monday night.

Manager An Nguyen used an old possum trap that has a door that closes behind the animal when it enters.

The cat, now named Ginger,  had avoided the cat removal skills of firefighters and the SPCA on Monday, but couldn’t resist the lure of some tinned cat food in the trap later that night.

But Ginger may now have a new home, as Mr Nguyen said he may keep him, after he is checked out.

“We would miss his creepy meow at night,” he said.