First major prize in Coupland’s Bakeries competition scored

Vicky Cardinalli, store manager, winner Fiona Elston holding up her winning ticket and Coupland's Bakeries managing director Lance Coupland with the new TV. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN

Fiona Elston has struck gold, walking out of Coupland’s Bakeries with a brand new television.

The 65in unit is the first of five major prizes to be claimed as part of Coupland’s Bakeries’ Crusaders-themed competition.

The bakery is running a competition where squad cards of the team can be collected each time a Crusaders-themed loaf of bread is purchased.

Each participant receives a free display board after purchasing two Crusaders loaves of bread before starting their collection of squad cards.

Similar to a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory concept, if a golden sword is found in the loaf of bread, then a major prize is scored.

And that is exactly what happened to Mrs Elston, 49, of Phillipstown.

“I am pretty excited, nervous all of the above. It is the first major thing I have won . . . everyone else wins those sorts of things,” she said.

She said she will continue to buy more of the Crusaders loaves of bread due to its good quality.

However, four prizes are still up for grabs with the competition not set to finish until May 31.

Among the prizes a $4000 travel voucher, bread and milk from Coupland’s Bakeries for a year, a VIP hospitality and rugby match experience in June, and karting with three Crusaders’ players can still be won.

For more information on competitions, giveaways and card-swapping for the Crusaders loaf competition go like the Crusaders Loaf 2017 Facebook page or check out the advertisement below.