Cat stuck in Rangiora restaurant roof

ROOF CAT: Nom Nom restaurant in Rangiora has a stray cat stuck in its roof, which firefighters and the SPCA have been unable to remove. PHOTO: Facebook

A stray cat who has made its home in the roof of a Rangiora restaurant is proving quite difficult to evict.

The feline is the, hopefully temporary, tenant in the roof of Nom Nom Kitchen, on High St.

But after three days in the roof, the cat seems disinterested in coming out.

Manager An Nguyen said he saw the cat “a few days ago” poke its head out of a small hole in the roof.

“It is quiet during the day, but at night it is quite loud,” Mr Nguyen said.

Firefighters, on Monday, created a “cat door”, by widening an existing hole to try get the cat out.

“They cut a bigger hole in the roof to get it out, but couldn’t see the cat,” he said.

The SPCA came and tried to lure it out with food, but still the feline didn’t bite.

“We will wait until tonight to hear if it is still up in the roof,” he said.